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DLT Global Mission Statement

“DLT Global mission is to enhance the journey of Real Estate Development and Construction by embracing our past failures to improve the quality of our “best in class” culture while in the pursuit of Excellence. “
Author: Hector Torres, Managing Principal

DLT Global fosters a “Best in Class” culture internally and externally.

We continually seek opportunities to offer continuing education to our staff members, a collaborative culture and a general attitude of cooperation and harmony with all of our stakeholders. We understand that the mitigation of risk is directly related to the capacity, collateral and character of our internal staff, internal systems and strategic partnerships. We accept and embrace the everyday challenges that the Real Estate Industry and global market events impose on our quest for best in class products. Organic internal growth, wise leadership, innovative systems and the incorporation of state of the art technology in our design, is the cornerstone of our confidence that we shall sustain our pace of growth.

DLT Global boasts a reputation for incorporating innovative and tasteful architectural design with an emphasis on efficient constructibility that includes compressed schedule for completion, obtainable budgets while delivering the highest Quality of product within the assets class.

Artist Tom Patty designed first art piece incorporated into City of Miami business development


Post Pandemic

Events have opened an array of creative ideas when structuring the initial development program and architectural design by incorporating wellness, sustainability, nature and co working spaces into the DNA of the Architectural design.

The firm is focused on designing a built environment that dynamically produces a modern habitat for humanity consisting of air, water and noise quality that sustains extended internal and external compacted living. The innovation to the development and construction process has proven to provide a positive return from 100% of realized investments, while adhering to a minimum 2.0x and 18% IRR strategy.

Maxim Gasiev

Maxim Gasiev

Partner Inhouse Media LLC

This letter will serve as a very high letter of recommendation for Hector Torres and DLT Global. I have worked and invested with Hector. I can tell you that during our more than three (3) years investing and interacting personally and professionally with Hector Torres that he has demonstrated to be a best in class Global leader and resource.

Hector’s attention to detail, integrity and knowledge of the real estate market and total respect for the client’s objectives is exemplary. He has always gone the extra distance and will do whatever it takes to be transparent and provide positive results for us.  Hector applies his collaborative attitude in solving problems, even given the most complex transactions, and can properly assess a situation to determine an effective and equitable solution by following up many times until an issue is resolved. Hector has functioned as though the investors are part of him and cares enough to look out for us though we are very far away in another Country.

I would highly recommend Hector Torres and the DLT Global Team for a Global Project.

Miguel Ignacio Castro Covelli

Constructora Amco LTDA

Muy Respetado Señor:
Por medio de la presente les informamos que el Doctor HECTOR TORRES de DLT, ha venido asesorándonos en la estructuración financiera del proyecto ENTRECALLES-BOGOTA, por cerca de dos años. El servicio de consultoría, investigación y estudios preliminares de parte de HECTOR TORRES – DLT Global ha sido muy provecho para nosotros. Además, hemos tenido una amable y enriquecedora relación personal y profesional con él. Cumple sus compromisos con excelencia, brindando comentarios valiosos para dar continuidad al proceso inmobiliario de nuestro proyecto.

Él se ha integrado ampliamente a nuestro equipo de trabajo, a nuestros objetivos, siempre mirando en el beneficio y mejor interés de nuestro proyecto, sigue trabajando con nosotros en Bogotá para superar desafíos y resolver problemas.
Por lo anterior estamos recomendando ampliamente al Doctor Hector Torres y su empresa DLT Global.

Raymond G. Torto, Lecturer

Raymond G. Torto, Lecturer

Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

Hector Torres was a student of mine at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in the Advanced Management and Development Program which brings mid-level professionals to campus to provide them with advanced academic education in the field of Real Estate Development and Construction. The best faculty from the various schools of the university are recruited to teach in the program.

Hector is a memorable student with a cornucopia of talents. He is a leader and charismatic personality who presence is noted when he enters a room.
I was particularly impressed with Hector’s independent project thesis– NUTRIMONDE DISTRICT—which was well thought out, organized and presented. I encouraged him to pursue the possibility of implementing the visionary project.

The Nutrimonde project is about innovation in real estate and transforming the Humanities Habitat. It focuses on creating an efficient architectural design that incorporates sustainable technology into the DNA of the architecture. The key element to Nutrimonde living is the integration of an indoor “grow farm” that utilizes sustainable elements to cultivate fruits, herbs and vegetables.

The architectural design integrates efficient living units (750 sf), an open boutique office component (e.g. We Works) atop a commercial retail base that houses food production and entertainment venues. The Nutrimonde community fulfills the needs of the current trend toward a carless, walkable, bike-able, sustainable life.

Its economic feasibility depends on identifying distress commercial strip malls with commercial mixed-use zoning. The acquisition of distressed properties, especially along a transit-oriented district, allows for a low economic basis, and this seems very reasonable in today’s market.
The financial basis is the total sum of the Net Operating Income of the integrated and synergistic uses within the Project, adding value to an investment core.

Importantly, Nutrimonde can scale since the architectural envelope and interior layout would not need to change much except to fit the individual contour of the land, thereby, creating a predictable per square foot construction cost schedule.

In sum, Nutrimonde aims at meeting the wants and needs of future generations while mitigating market cycle volatility.

Richard Peiser

Richard Peiser

Michael D. Spear Professor of Real Estate Development

As Founder and Co-Chair of the Advanced Management Development Program, I am pleased to write this testimonial for Hector Torres, who graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s Executive Program in 2016. The AMD Program serves senior executives and entrepreneurs seeking advanced academic education in the field of Real Estate Development and Finance.

Hector was most notable in the impact that he was able to make in creating and fostering a class culture through his leadership and talent. Hector’s authority and the experience was evident through his display of knowledge, wisdom and performance during the course case studies and class lectures.
Hector’s independent project thesis demonstrated the high level of understanding that he possesses in creating added value that is measurable and visionary towards serving the future real estate needs of people and companies. In addition, Hector’s team project clearly demonstrated his ability to collaborate with his peers in his team’s reaching the highest performance level and thereby winning the best-in-class financial structure award.
We invited Hector to serve as a judge on the jury for our Real Estate master’s program students working on Miami Beach. He immediately took to the challenge and has continued to mentor the students throughout their program.

We wish to see Hector continue his participation at Harvard University and know that he will be successful, approachable and a valuable asset to any Real Estate Development Venture.

Amir Isaiah

Amir Isaiah

Esq., University of Miami, Adjunct Professor of Law

I first met Hector during his participation at a Real Estate Development Panel regarding Miami Real Estate. Hector stood out from the other panelists, demonstrating a natural ability to succinctly articulate his thoughts, and through his participation, raised the level of a thought provoking and interesting panel discussion.

Subsequently, as I got to know Hector personally, there was a clear demonstration of his knowledge and experience in the field of Real Estate development. I was most impressed with our shared focus on problem solving in the area of development, as every successful developer has had to overcome unforeseeable and seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

In light of his extensive expertise, I invited Hector to serve as a featured guest speaker for my Problem Solving in Real Estate Development course at the University of Miami School of Law, a law course specifically tailored for practicing attorneys and law students enrolled in the Real Property Development LL.M. (Masters of Laws) Program.

Hector’s presentation was received with rave reviews by the students. He was truly inspirational and displayed a practical approach to the Problem Solving methodologies that he has utilized in performing major high rise development in Miami over the years.

This past year, we were honored to have Hector participate as a guest lecturer for the Problem Solving course for the second year in a row. Hector once again provided practical, educational and inspirational lessons to our LLM students. On several occasions, Hector assisted in developing problem solving challenges and subsequently provided meaningful insight and feedback to the students through weekly challenge assignments and problem solving challenges with a Real World application.

I have personal knowledge of the impact that Hector’s credibility and clear demonstration of measurable results has had on the UM Law LLM Students. Indeed, I look forward to inviting him again to our newest group of Law Students and listening, once again, to the practical approaches in dealing with the seemingly endless challenges that face Real Estate Developers today.

Tamir Kazaz

Tamir Kazaz

Former CEO at Africa Israel USA (AFI: NYSE)

Hector Torres served as our Vice President of Development and Construction during my tenure as Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer of Africa Israel USA (NYSE).

Hector represented our interest in South Florida that included multiple Real Estate Development Projects, Land holdings and Construction progress. Hector’s most notable success was in solving major issues regarding the construction, financing and commissioning of the Marquis Residence and Hotel Tempo and Spa – a 68 story high rise building in the heart of Miami – during the nation’s worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

Moreover, Hector was able to successfully guide us through unchartered waters in dealing with Miami politics and Florida Building Codes. The outcome, for Africa Israel USA, of the $200 million plus Marquis Project was ultimately favorable.

I have grown in my trust and respect for Hector’s talent and skills after over 10 years of working with him from New York City and Israel headquarters.
He has become a personal family friend and is a respected colleague in the Real Estate Development Industry.

I look forward to watching and supporting the next chapter of Hector’s professional accomplishments.

Jeff Klansky

Owner & President

Its been a pleasure meeting and working with you. You are truly wonderful people, a professional and stand up guy. I can’t express how much you have helped me and I get a little nauseous when I think where I would be with that broken-down rat-infested school now. I truly believe that people are put in each other lives for a reason and I know you were put in mine not just for dollar tree all though the construction part didn’t hurt I would have never attempted what we did without knowing you were involved and felt that you had my best interest at heart. What you did for us is really secure my family’s future whether we sell it or opt. manage it. I want you to know that if there’s anything I can ever help you with all you have to do is ask. It’s been quite a year. I’m looking forward to many years of friendship. I know our lives can get very hectic but it’s important to keep in touch I know we will be friends for a long time. I admire your knowledge and honestly and work ethic. God willing we can all go out to dinner and have some laughs in this time of trouble. God bless you.

Mr. Torres, I can’t place enough importance on the impact you had on our project we just finished. Let me start by saying your company is everything I could have hope for. In an industry where there is so much opportunity to be taken advantage of as a customer, I can not understate the fact that we came in on time and on budget and renegotiated many contracts we had in a place where we were overpaying. When the pressure was on and I would second guess my decision as to the fact if I even should have started the project DLT rose to the occasion, never losing focus of the end game which was to bring our project to completion. There were times you went above and beyond your responsibility working weekends, holidays taking meetings on my behalf when I couldn’t attend. Even though we are a relatively small family-owned business I can say without reservation that you treated us as if we were one of the fortune 500 company’s you are in business with. DLT is a totally transparent company which I would recommend to anybody who is in need of a consulting firm, builder, or an advisor. I want to personally thank you again. My company thanks you and my family thanks you.


Hector Torres

Hector Torres

Founder - Managing Principal
Monica Torres

Monica Torres

Broker Principal
Nelson Garcia

Nelson Garcia

Director Of Finance
Hernan Poveda

Hernan Poveda

Vice President – Construction & Development